Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The sweet smell of success

Smells like BBQ!

This year I was volunteered to organize the company holiday party. I HATE that kind of responsibility because there is so much pressure to make everyone happy. Last year was the companies first holiday party, because even though the company I work for has been around for at least 70 years they just discovered that parties are a good thing, and it did not go well. The girl in charge picked a bad caterer (not totally her fault, we picked someone next door to us and they were just damn unorganized), there was no place for the tech to sit, it was a bad time to have them all come in (we cant do drinking parties so we basically host a sober late lunch), and it was the day of the Sandy Hook shooting so everyone was just sad and wanted to go home to their kids.

So when the girl who did the first party left us for a better life on the west coast and I was made the official party person I freaked out. I asked a stupid amount of question to get majority opinion, I panicked when the gossip tech told me that most people wanted breakfast but NONE of the managers told me so I organized dinner (I think the managers did that on purpose), and I wanted to puke when the food showed up wondering if I ordered enough and if it was going to be good.

Im can breath a sigh of relief that I have heard nothing but good things about it from the managers and the gossip techs. The food was good, the seating was fun, everyone had a great time. Im sure to keep the title of party organizer for next year... yay.

So for the past 3 years I have organized the Camwhores Secret Santa for the girls.
This year I also organized the first ever VIP Secret Santa for where members could be involved instead of just the girls.
It was kind of a disaster. Lots of girls were behind it but very few members wanted in.
I hope after the girls post their gifts more members will be in next year.

This is what I got from KaitlinK:

Shes new to CW and pretty fucking cool and obviously has good taste. Im really glad she jumped in. You should get to know her!

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