Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy late Thanksgiving/Hanukkah!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

We had a busy long weekend. We drove down to my parents house on Wed and I stayed up half the night making deserts that I promised to make. Pumpkin pie and red stuff (red stuff is cherry jello with fruit and sour cream...sounds disgusting but its fantastic and goes great with turkey).
Thursday we did our family Thanksgiving/Hanukkah. My parents made the dinner all kosher even though I told them not to because we only stay away from pork. Everything turned out great!
Friday I hung out with a few friends I havent seen in forever.
Saturday I hung out with Jasmine from Camwhores! No shows or anything. We were just chilling and posting a few pictures. We took home some ideas for bedroom activities *wink wink*

Sunday we drove home...to a mini party at our house. My aunt decided to commandeer my house and use it as a meeting place for a few relatives. Thats fine... I dont know these people and was looking forward to putting Lea to bed and going to bed myself but ok...we had one more bottle of wine left so I could smile through it and drink through it. Then we found out my Grandma got bored while we were gone and started going through our bedroom. Not ok. I dont care if she wants to clean and reorganize my house but stay the hell out of our bedroom.
So I poured myself a VERY large glass of wine, said hi to the strange people in my house, and listened to my Grandma explain what she did to organize my closet.  As shes pulling out corsets, nighties, costumes, and toys and telling me why I should keep them organized the way she put them I noticed that she didnt once ask what the hell any of them were for or even look shocked at the fact that they were in there. Which makes me wonder...
Did she always expect me to be a little bit of a freak?
How many times has she been through my ex stripper cousins closet?
How much of a freak was she back in the day?

Things that make you go hmmm.

I did end up getting a little rude to get everyone out of my house which I feel a little bad about. My aunt asked me what I was doing for Christmas eve in front of everyone and I told her I didnt want to do anything. She said, "Good! We host a game night!" and made eye contact with all the relatives. I said, "Umm...no, Im looking forward to a quiet night of doing NOTHING."
I think I ruffled her feathers because I havent heard from her since Sunday night which is abnormal but seriously.... your making plans at MY house without asking me before hand. I'll call her tomorrow.

Hanukkah has been fun so far. Lea has already learned part of the prayer song and sings it with us which makes Maor a very proud daddy. We have been giving her a new present every night. Its not something they do in Israel but we decided its what we will do to hopefully play down Christmas.
So far she has gotten a new sippy cup, a toothbrush and cookies (cause you need a reason to use the toothbrush), PJ's, the Disney Princess KlipKlop castle, and a couple books. We also got her more crayons and a magna doodle for the plane ride to Israel that she hasnt opened yet.

Im so excited to go to Israel! Even though we are going to be bringing a baby half way across the world I feel very relaxed about this trip compared to 2 years ago. Ive met Maors family and friends already so Im not nervous about if they will like me or not. I saw all the big things I wanted to see already. We have a rental car...putting Lea on the train to get to Haifa was giving me an anxiety attack.
I just want to get there, drive to Kiryat Ata, stop for shawarma, hit up the cafe next door for an espresso, and shoot across the street to look at shoes (3 shekels is 1 dollar!). After that I can face an endless stream of family trying to pinch my babies cheek.
The only other definite in the trip so far is Hamat Gader. The hot springs! Smells like a rotten eggs but feels FANTASTIC. The trip is for the whole family but Maor and I are searching for a little get away for just the two of us and Im thinking a night where we stay behind and enjoy the spa treatment a little longer would be a good idea.
If that doesnt work hes got an uncle who drives a tour bus who has already told me to see him for romantic ideas.

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  1. Ok - gramzy diddling herself was a bit much for my mind to handle, but what ARE you supposed to think when an old lady blows through your treasure trove of adult toys and ONLY tells you to keep them organized. That is refreshing and disturbing all at once. i don't know her - if I did I might be able to make up my mind. I am glad y'all are excited about your upcoming trip. Thanks for the pics of you and Jasmine. I read what she said about her friend. While I like you better with some hair I do wonder what she looks like bald.

    Take care