Thursday, December 26, 2013

The last minute Christmas

Im sure I have mentioned that Lea has become obsessed with Elmo. Last weekend my aunt and I went in search of a plain Jane stuffed Elmo. No talking, no hugging, no giggling, no stupid hard box in the middle of it... just a soft stuffed Elmo. Surprisingly stupidly hard to find!
Somewhere around the 3rd store we went to we started to side track to thinking about when my little sister is going to move out of the house and how shes going to need Christmas things for her dorm and/or shitty apartment and we found a little bright purple shiny fake tree with built in lights for $15 and bought it because we want to make sure she has a tree 2 years from now. Then we side tracked to the discount movie bin and found a few old good ones that we thought we might as well wrap up because Lea loves ripping wrapping paper.
Then I MAY have grabbed a new Princess to go with her Klip Klop castle....
And we may have decided to hide everything in the trunk of my aunts car as a surprise for Lea and Maor.

I did find a plain Jane Elmo at the 5th store. It was the last one on the shelf and I screamed like a mad woman when I found it which made the couple filling out a baby registry look at me funny till I looked them both dead in the eyes and said, "This is what you will become!" before running away screaming Marco-Polo for my aunt.

The Elmo we opened when we got home and hid in the living room then took bets on how long it would take for Lea to find it. 10 minutes. Shes the happiest baby ever.

Madonna came back up Tue night to spend Christmas with us. We snuck in the purple tree and the presents while Maor was doing tubby time with Lea. I got Maor to go to bed early but warned him that there was going to be a surprise in the morning because he tends to get a bit cranky if you wake him up early.

So Christmas morning we woke up to Lea playing in her crib and listened for my Aunt to go and get her. Then we listened for her to tell Lea to go get us. Nothing. It was excruciating listening as her little feet went by our room and waiting for her to start yelling with excitement. Nothing.
All we heard was "Apple!" and some shuffling. I started to think my aunt fell asleep and forgot to set everything up when Lea pushed open our door and said, "Mama! Aba! Mama! Aba! Ets go!"
My aunt didnt have to tell her to come get us. Lea walked in to the living room, saw the little tree, made my aunt cut up a pear that was sitting by the tree then went to go get us by herself.

So we had ourselves a tiny Christmas. Maor did enjoy it. I think we will do it again next year. Just as long as we keep it small.

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