Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This isnt for you...

I have been very quiet at work this week. VERY quiet.

The new person has now been with us for a month and hasent gotten any better. Shes actually getting worse.
I passed by her while she was entering in a lead the other day and gently asked what she was doing because as far as I knew no one taught her how to do that and its very easy to turn a lead in to a sale which if its not a  real sale will mess with EVERYONES day. She said she was entering the lead because she was hoping she would get partial commission if it was sold. I dont know where she got the idea that that would happen but I had to break her heart and tell her there is no partial commission and even if she sold something herself admins get almost zero commission specifically because the company doesnt want to worry about admins stealing money from sales people and techs. 
When I mentioned it to a coworker she said "Oh yeah, I showed her how to do that really quick 2 weeks ago."
Really? The new woman can remember how to do something you quickly showed her 2 weeks ago but she cant remember where to find a customers tech without putting the customer on hold for 2 minutes and staring at the screen then timidly asking me who to call every time?
At first I was starting to lean towards her not being able to handle the job. After that I dont think she WANTS to get it.

I think she wants a job where someone is going to give her a series of tasks where she doesnt have to think or do much more than make redundant calls. She did great for that week where I made her do all my petty in between work that I find annoying but now that she actually has to think shes just crashing a burning.

I kept noticing in her notes on a customers account she would type in the customers name, account number, address, phone number in the notes....when that is already on the screen for everyone to see... so I finally asked why she did that. She said it was so she could copy and paste it in to emails to the techs. 
I told her "Do you realize that all the time you spent doing that you could have typed it in to the email instead? Not only that but in the morning when the managers go over all these they have to try and figure out where the actual concern is in this mess of redundant information?"
She gave me a look like I shot a puppy.

Not only that but her work is pilling up because she spends 20 minutes on a call that should take 5 minutes!

Not that Im perfect. Yesterday a sales guy asked if I could post his sales on a board because he wasnt going to make it in so I wrote them down on a post it, 250/600/500 and walked up to the board and stared at it for a minute trying to figure out what info went where because I had never even known this board existed for the year and a half Ive been in that office. The uber manager came out of his office and saw me staring at it like I was lost so I said, "How do you want this written out? Hes got 3 sales, 250, 600, and 500"
He said, "Just write the total."
I looked down at my post it and went "uhhhhhh...11... carry the.."
"Its 1350"

Annnnddd I feel better. For now... I would sneak a flask in to work and turn this whole thing in to a drinking game if  I wouldnt end up drunk but 8:30am...and thats kind of against company policy. Drinking on the job at all...not just getting drunk before noon.

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  1. The dudes must love having your hot little self sashaying around all day cussing and being easy on the eyes.