Monday, October 14, 2013

Corn in my pants!!

Ive been pretty sick...again...
Just a really bad cold. I blame my nurse aunt for hanging around sicky people then coming to visit and sharing spoons and cups with me like we are family or some junk.

Even though I was sick we did use Sunday to take Lea to a corn maze.
We did the maze and they also had a petting zoo, a canary tent, and a corn pit. 

 Lea saying hi to the goats

 Daddy with a pony 

 Lea freaking loves goats

Daddy got Lea a bird

Lea does not want to be any closer to the bird.

We just started the corn maze so we are still optimistic

Kinda lost half way through.

Really freaking lost and getting hungry.

Cute little train set for kids.

Lea on the train.

Corn pit. I buried my feet then made them pop out. Other little kids thought it was the funniest thing and I was suddenly the most popular one there (this was right before I was discovered by other kids...)

After being buried in corn I stood up and discovered a problem...corn in my pants.

Daddy did not get corn in his pants.

...I like corn in my pants..

...and back to goats...

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