Sunday, October 6, 2013

I miss my home

I miss Madison.

Ive started making my Halloween costume. While collecting fabric and accessories I mentioned to people my plans to be a video game character only to be greeted with blank stares.

In Madison I took my little sister shopping. We stopped at a makeup counter in a department store so we could get her a new foundation. While a bored clerk decided to just give my sister a full make over for fun I was browsing the lipstick looking for a purple blue I need for my costume. I mentioned why I was looking for it to another woman and I instantly had 3 more women and the clerks interested in my costume and squeeing with me over the hoodie we made for Lea.

I wish we could move back.

Speaking of missing homes. Maor is home sick. We are planning on visiting Israel in January...and I made the stupid mistake of putting off Leas passport application and my passport renewal. I got our applications in last week. Just in time for them to sit on a desk.
Im really worried we wont get our passports in time or our paperwork will just get lost. We are both really looking forward to this trip.

This weekend was very relaxed for the first time in a while. It was rainy and cold so we didnt do much. I cleaned the house. We took down the AC units and put a bunch of summer stuff into storage. We tried to get Lea to finger paint... she didnt like it... so we brought out the crayons instead. We made chili and cookies. I worked on my costume.


  1. both of you being homesick sucks....the passport applications being sent in while the fucktards in washington finger each other is not cool either. no idea when they will get around to those. good luck.


  2. You guys could pop over to the Israelie Consulate in Chicago and you and Lea could get Israelie Passports pretty quick. I know they aren't on Forced Unpaid Vacation like the silly American Government is.