Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Class

This weekend was a me weekend. It was lovely.

I went to an art class. Pen and ink drawing with some water color....and I sucked at it. Its been forever since I have really drawn anything so I was stupidly rusty but when you think about it why would I waste money on a class where I already knew everything and was awesome?

After the class Maor and I went to Valley Fair for their fright night. It was cold but fun. We havent laughed that hard at each other in a long time. 

Sunday we carved pumpkins, made a cake, and I went to the second half of my class.
The pumpkins came out super cute.
This is my over complicated Labyrinth themed pumpkin.

My pumpkin, Maor & Leas pumpkin, and my aunts pumpkin.

I was much happier with my end results in todays class. I did the same picture for each technique we were practicing and I didnt hate a single one like I did yesterday. 

Just pen and ink

Watercolor then going back over with pen and ink

Pen and ink with water color over it.


  1. Looks like a great start...Looking fwd to buying some art in the future.


  2. Holy shit look at that pumpkin. Years ago didn't you carve one topless on the other site? Maybe you were making cookies or something. Enjoy trick or treating Thursday evening!!