Monday, July 22, 2013

New tattoos

Im meeting a friend this Sunday to talk about covering up one of my tattoos.
She is a fantastic artist and just starting as a tattoo artist so Im really excited to sit down with her and do some sketches. I dont know what I want but Im really open to ideas. While I wouldnt normally trust a new tattoo artist I have seen both her paintings and skin work and love them both.

Im sitting down with her to discuss covering my dragon. Its faded and sad now after 10 years and while I love having a dragon I would love even more to upgrade it. I would like to keep a dragon quality to it. My little sister (who is now 16) has been reminding me of how I told her about my tattoo lately.
When I came home with it, one day after I turned 18, she saw it and asked how it got there. I told her I was walking down the street and a baby dragon ran into me and got stuck. She believed me for a few years.
I forgot about that lie until about a month ago when she saw it again and reminded me.

Im also going to talk to my friend about the tattoo I want with Leas name (in Hebrew so it will only be an obvious name tattoo in Israel.)

Im hoping to get a last minute brain storm on what I want but so far its going to be two artists (one painfully better than the other) sitting down for coffee and trying to figure out how to make my back look better.

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  1. The ace of spades is the only ink I ever think about on you. I guess there is a dragon on a shoulder though now that I think about it.