Sunday, July 14, 2013

I feel...

I feel like I should make a blog post but nothing too eventful happened this weekend. It was kind of nice.

We played with Lea. We took her to the park during the 20 minutes of sun that happened on Saturday. We watched some idiot teenagers swim in a flooded baseball field. Im pretty sure that isnt good for you but Im not their parents.

Maor took Lea on a daddy daughter day today. He bought her a stuffed Snow White at the Disney store and got me a very pretty Swarovski necklace. We were supposed to go out to dinner but someone decided that Maor had enough of a day off and started pushing a bunch of jobs on him. Its restaurant week again in Minneapolis which means that we do our thing of picking a fancy new place to try out because its a hell of a lot cheaper now then it usually is.
We have the whole rest of the week to go out. I cant decide where we should go this time anyway.

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  1. Even the mundane interests some...