Sunday, February 3, 2013

We can stay in America!

We just got the letter that Maors green card conditions have been lifted and hes allowed to stay in the US for another 10 years without getting questioned again! Yay!

With that fantastic news he jumped up and said "LETS GO TO ISRAEL!"

We have been waiting for close to a year for an answer as to if they would reissue his green card or not. It was a disaster process. First we filed the wrong paperwork three months before his green card would expire (and paid $500 to file the wrong paperwork) and were told that we filed wrong a month before his card expired. So we paid extra to get a lawyer to file the right paperwork for us on top of paying more filing fees. They did not give a refund for our mistake earlier.
A month later Maor was walking around with an expired card and no word on what was happening. So we called the office and they said "Oh, whoops. Yeah, it takes a really long time to get an answer from the office your paperwork went to so we will resend that paperwork that says we got your paperwork and the extension."
So its been about a year sense then of periodicity calling in to hear people say, "Nope, no decision yet"
Maors friends got their answers in four months so he was biting his nails at 6 months, had them down to bloody stumps at 7 months and had me almost worried we were going to have to start apartment hunting in Haifa at 8 months.
Now that we got the letter his family is celebrating our lack of an excuse to not come and visit. We were telling them that we couldnt leave because all he had was an expired card and a crappy photo copy of a letter saying that his card was extended because that is literally what the government sent us as replacement paperwork.Who the hell would let him back in with that?

So the first thing everyone in his family said when they heard was "YAY! You come now! We see baby!" needs passport. Also, my passport expires next month. Not to mention we need our extra money for a down payment on a new place to live because we need to move in May (ok we dont NEEEED to but if I have to spend another year is this place I wont be happy). And even if we wait until after that my work gets stupidly busy in the summer so I dont think they would appreciate me leaving for 2 weeks straight.
Sadly even though Maor agrees with me that we should wait until Nov/Dec to go as soon as he said "My wife thinks we should wait" I looked like the bad person.

I need to start working on my Hebrew again...Lea wont be old enough to translate for me by then.

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  1. Oooh, you should go for Sukkot! Can I come?