Thursday, February 28, 2013

I cant win!

I have been trying all week to win tickets to see Muse on March 7th. I have been stalking radio stations like crazy and added all of them to the speed dial on my phone. So far I either call in too early and am told to call back or get the dreaded busy signal.
I cant justify just buying the tickets because Maor would need to be the baby sitter (we havent ventured into interviewing sitters yet...Im still scared of the idea) and I dont know anyone who is a big enough fan to buy tickets and go with me. It would be much easier to find a friend to go with me if I was like "hey, I have an extra free ticket!"
There is always tomorrow. Maybe my luck will change.

House hunting isnt going well. We went to 2 houses last night. The first one neither of us liked. The second one Maor liked because it had a huge master bedroom but I hated because the 2 extra bedrooms were so small you wouldnt be able to fit anything but a bed. A fight ensued over it.

This week is restaurant week. Last time it came around we went to a pretty swank french restaurant and got a $120 dinner for $60. It was so fancy they gave us foam to "cleanse the pallet". Last time Maors mom was around to babysit for us. This time we are bringing Lea with so I opted for a more family friendly Italian restaurant. I hope its just as good.

I'll be doing a show Saturday on CW at 9pm central time. If you can watch I hope you do!

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