Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy weekend

We have started the duplex hunting. My grandma actually grew up here in Minneapolis and most of her family is here so shes very excited about moving back. My aunt is a little worried that Gramzy will up and die after we move her here. I told her Lea will keep her too busy to die.

The first duplex we looked at was in the perfect area but needs to drop the price by about 200K before I would consider buying it. They split up the basement all weird and it honestly looks like they were trying to build more space to consider rentable even though because of zoning it wouldnt be legal. They try to word it that one half is 3 bedrooms and one is 4 bedrooms but lets say I have a master bedroom down stairs. I would have to go out through one door, up the stairs, down a hallway, then I could either go in the left door to one half of the duplex or right to the other half. Its just odd. There havent been any improvements to the upstairs so they pretty much sunk a crap ton of money into a mess of doors and little rooms in the basement.

The second duplex is pretty damn awesome. The kitchen is all new, its been kept up nicely, there is a finished area in the basement, and the master bedroom is huge. Im a little concerned that its by a major road and the yard isnt fenced...we would need to put something in.

So I sent my Aunt pictures and told the realtor that if the second half looks exactly like the first then we would take the next step. We might actually have a place to live by the time all our leases are up. That would be perfect.

Tomorrow Maor and I are going to visit my parents.
I need to pack. I kinda hate how taking a long weekend takes preparation now.
Im too tired. I might just put it off till tomorrow after I get off work.


  1. Happy Valentine's day...I know this is a Catholic Holiday, but just pretend it is the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Av, the 15th day of the Jewish month of Av. You guys are amazing.

    Good luck with HOUSE hunting. It can stress a little family...but you guys have great roots...and gobs of love.


  2. Wow. This is pretty cool. You are more cool with change than I am, but then again if my landlord was a bumbling fuckface I'd be ready to hit the road too. Plowing the empty driveway while leaving basically a single mom to do her own is ridiculous and grounds for hauling ass. Good luck! On "Rainy" and her problem, I thought you had a wonderful response. She seems so conflicted. I hate seeing anyone in that sort of personal turmoil. Hopefully she will get it worked out.