Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I said my new years resolution was to draw one thing a week. I havent done that. I feel like I have hit a creative wall. I actually feel that I hit that wall well over a year ago. I cant think of new things I want to paint or things I want to create and its actually driving me a little nuts.

I was watching Face Off tonight and thinking about how I really miss college when I was under pressure to create for a grade because I had some pretty awesome ideas. I also hung out with lots of creative people so ideas were constantly flowing. Now we have all gone our separate ways and I dont feel challenged so my creativity has just stopped.

Im trying to think of how to fix this because I love painting and I love drawing. I think I would be a lot happier with life if I could get past this and create again. I dont even know whats stopping me.

Its not Lea, I have enough down time after she goes to bed that I could easily pick up a project.
Its not Maor, Ive hit little burst of creativity around him to know that I can do it and hes very interested in seeing what I make sometimes he even gets involved.
Its just me.
What happened? Why have I stopped and how the hell do I start up again?

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  1. I think you are being creative. You and Maor made a few hundred people very happy the other night with create fun. I do miss your sketches though. You have an amazing view of the world, and I bet with Lea and Maor's influences, your artistic world voew will be amazing when you finally decide to put graphics on media...which I hope is soon.