Sunday, February 24, 2013


We brought Lea to the Purim carnival today. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. There were food booths, 3 bouncy castles for kids, a silent auction, a cake walk, and tons of games for the kids to play.
I was also pleasantly surprised at the costumes. Most people really tried to go all out. There was a good mix of store bought and crafted costumes too. My favorite was a family of bunnies where they took gray hoodies put bunny ears on the hood and a big mass of white yarn on their butts for tails. I need to remember that one later.
I did not dress up because the only costumes I have are not family day appropriate.

Lea was quite the stimulated baby. We gave her a noise maker and once she figured out how to get it going it was the greatest thing she had ever laid her hands on. To bad we lost it when she decided to play the "uh oh" game while we were walking through a crowd. We gave her a hamentashen. Its a hat shaped cookie. She enjoyed it. I may have to start making them. She also got to hang out with some other babies and crawl around a bit.

After we went to a nearby mall with another couple. Their kids were still pretty wound up after the carnival (it ended at 2pm) so they wanted to let them run around in the mall play place.
I dont normally hang out with this couple. My husband does. I tell my husband I feel weird not being part of the conversations (they are from Israel and speak VERY little English) but its really because they dont control their kids and while one is a little angel the other takes advantage of it and is an absolute terror.
While we were there the small terror started smacking the shit out of other children with her balloon. She was tracking kids down and smacking them around. It was horrifying. Mom didnt care. She sat there playing with her phone and I slid further away from her as parents glared at her and took their kids out of the area. I should have said something because they already think Im a snob but instead I took Lea over to a little slide and hoped that someone would go "Hey lady! Tell your kid to stop slapping my kid!" No one did...
Probably wouldnt have done anything anyway. The first time the little one figured out how to get out of the area another mom came over to us and said "Uhh your kid is running around the mall now."
The second and third time Maor caught her and threw her back in. He did get fed up and say, "You know in this country crazy people take kids right?" I dont know if that got through to them. We left shortly after because Lea was tired.

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