Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The house we wanted has offers on it. I couldnt get in to see the other half so we arent going to jump in the offer war.

The weekend at Grandmas was fun. My mom let Lea eat Cheerios off the floor....

Nothing too eventful happened. It was a pretty chilled weekend.
We had Gigis cupcakes. Good stuff.

I looked in my closet this morning and decided I want new cloths. My girlfriends are coming up this weekend for a girls weekend and Im trying to remember what I have to go out in but nothing fun is coming to mind. I dont think I can remember how to dress myself anyway. Makeup might also be a problem. I should pick up a new lipstick.

Meh, I'll probably just grab whatever isnt wrinkled and borrow their makeup. I might also borrow their shoes.....


  1. You don't get it - you're cute. Your clothes aren't as important as you think, but I understand the need for validation and the basic desire to have shit that is up to date. Have fun this weekend.

  2. Oh yeah - speaking for everyone, photos of the girls' night out would be FANtastic!