Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The move in

Friday my aunts things finally got here.
I took half the day off thinking they would be here at 2pm but they didnt show up till 5. That was ok seeing as it was a beautiful day out so I sat out on the porch with Lea watching her play and reading a book.
When they did show up I said, "My aunts not here but I know everything." They looked at me like "Oh shit, Ive heard that before" but lightened up when I actually did know everything.
When I told my aunt her things where here she drove straight from CO where she was visiting my cousin to here. She got in at 1am on Saturday.

Saturday was spent unpacking her important things. Maor helped her with a lot of it. My Grandma and I hid in the kitchen and made excuses to go out. Saturday was also Maors birthday. I made him cupcakes but we didnt do much to celebrate. He doesnt like to celebrate his birthday and I think he wore himself out moving furniture.

Sunday I didnt get out of bed. I had been fighting a soar throat all week and Sunday it kicked my ass. I took a nyquil and passed out. When I woke up around noon Lea was trying to show me something she found in my aunts boxes. I went back to sleep and when I woke up around 6pm the house was a nick-nack mess.

Monday I rushed out the door but noticed a few things... prints of art in 90's frames on the wall, halloween table cloth on the kitchen table, christmas table cloth on the dinning room table... I didnt say anything.

When I got home I took in the full extent of my aunts...unusual decorating. Its special. Shes stuck in the early 90's with a tacky twist of dolls and things that you cant quite tell if they are worth something or not because they are old but may just be knock offs. When she leaves...a few things may end up in a closet until she comes back. Like the giant ceramic cupcake...

But besides that everything is great.

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