Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little boxes

We've moved!! We found a large townhouse for us and my aunt to all live together for at least a year. I did a quick tour on for camwhores members (if your not a member you should be) Im so glad to be out of our old place. When we pulled out our dressers we discovered there was mold growing behind them. I noticed something leaking in the basement months ago and swore up and down I heard dripping in the middle of the night. Turns out I was right and a pipe in the walls is leaking. That was one of MANY issues Im glad to be away from. The major issue being the slum lord. Hes been calling every other day whining about how we should stay until he has another renter so he doesnt lose money. Umm... no. We move in to a very nice secluded townhouse area. We are about 10 minutes from anything besides bars or liquor stores which is going to take some getting use to (Im use to having a grocery store and a 24 hour pharmacy a block away). Also, I havent found a play ground close by. There is a big park close by but nothing with a playground. We have a small yard. Lea has her swing and her little car. If she had a little slide we wouldnt even need a playground. I havent met anyone in person yet but people wave when we drive by. The houses are all close together and populated around us but you could hear a pin drop when you walk outside. Ive noticed the majority of people around us are older which is fine as long as no one has issues with a very loud toddler running around outside. One thing I really LOVE about this house is how open it is. When the sun comes up it fills with natural light! I keep my blinds open every where but sleeping areas because I love the light so much. Of course that means I need to keep my walking around naked to the shadows because we are so close to the neighbors. This morning I walked in front of a window naked and did a full stretch before I noticed the person at their sink straight across from me and went "shit!" and ran for my robe hoping they didnt see me. Another reason Im happy to have moved. More room for toys. Lea's toys! Lea turned 2 today!! We decorated the whole downstairs with a Sesame Street theme. When she got home from daycare we took her down and she gasped and pointed at all the decorations. She put on the little tiara I got her and kicked around the balloons blew up. We had a little picnic in the family room and opened presents. It was a fun little birthday party. We bought her some big toys. A stand up DJ both piano thing, a bunch of foam puzzle pieces, and a little place for her to sit down a color. It really is a good thing we got a bigger place.

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