Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cha Cha Changes!!

I wish we had another week alone in the house until my aunt moved in. Lea is wonky (the whole first two years of her life were in the other house so this is LIFE CHANGING), the cat is wonky, we shoved our stuff around so quickly that there is no organization.
 Our goal was just to get our things where they should be so when my aunts movers show up there is plenty of room for her things. Things are just in a state of organized chaos. I also found out the outlets in the downstairs dont have outlet boxes...which is against the law. I emailed the rental company about it and the guy said he was surprised because the town house was built by professional contractors. The more I looked around the more it became clear that the house was built by contractors but the downstairs was updated by a cheap guy who knew just about renovating to change things but not enough to do it right. I have a list going of things that need to be fixed.

 While there are things that need to be fixed I can breath a sigh of relief because its a company handling the house and not a slum lord. YAY! Speaking of slum lords. Maor "ran in to" our soon to be old landlord while he was moving out the last of our things. Dude gave us notice that he was going to show the house last week but showed up 2 hours earlier than he told us. He stood there and whined at Maor about our moving and wanting more of a notice and asking if we were going to sweep up the basement better while Maor was struggling with heavy boxes out of the basement. Finally Maor snapped and said, "Are you just going to stand there yapping and watching me move things? We have been nothing but nice and quiet the whole time we have been here. We always pay on time and even EARLIER when you ask and all you do is complain about money! We are done with you! Now get out of my way!" The last thing the slum lord asked was who was going to do the walk-through. Maor told him it would be me and said his face instantly went pale.

He has not contacted me to try and schedule a time for Tuesday to meet to do the final walk through.
I cant wait though. Im will rip in to him if he even tries to suggest the house isnt clean. I will also be asking him for a post dated security check because it would be more convenient for me purely because I hope he complains. I want to tell him, "That feeling you have right now of "How dare you ask that?" I want you to remember that feeling every time you ask a tenant for a post dated rent check."

Cant wait.

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