Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tell me how you really feel

Not to throw Maor under the bus but he isnt the best at kitchen cleanliness so Im pretty sure he caused this.

Food poisoning.

I will spare you the gory details.
I called in to work. We slept in a bit. One thing I couldnt miss was turning in our keys to the old land lord. I had to meet him to make sure he was going to give us back our deposit.

I drove in to the drive way with the nostalgia  of "we brought our baby home to this place". That was instantly dashed by the land lords words of "Well, to start out I had to clean an old pool out of the storage shed." I COULD have started laying in to him right then because the pool he was referring to was from the tenants from 3 years ago! I held my tongue. He pointed out a couple other things left in the storage shed that were AGAIN left by the tenants before us and how "I dont mind it because they (these fantastic new renters) might use it".
My stomach was queasy but my blood was boiling...but I kept silent.

Then we walked in to the house and he started talking about how he had to clean the kitchen and the bathroom. I held up a finger and said, "Hold it. I have two issues with your whining. ONE, every place I have ever rented no matter how clean employees a professional to come through and re-clean before a new tenant comes in. TWO, I spent 3 days cleaning this house to a livable level before we moved in. I hand scrubbed the floors 3 times before they stopped coming up with dirt, the heating radiators in every room where so packed with dust and hair you couldnt see through them, and the dust under every window blind was so thick I could grab it with my hand. So if your looking for sympathy I left my violin in the car!"
We mostly silently walked from room to room until we got down to the security deposit. I said, "I would really like that check NOW post dated if you like because that would be most convenient for me."
He walked away... I laughed, out loud. It was an evil laugh. The most evil laugh you could ever imagine.
It was exactly what I wanted. He said, "I have my rights as a land lord to 21 days before I return your deposit." I laughed and said, "THAT, is what I wanted. Remember that feeling every time you ask your tenants for a post dated check. That 'YOU BITCH' feeling."
He said, "I never did that to you."
I yelled "BULLSHIT! I can show you the texts of every time you ever asked us to pay our rent early!! Give me a reason to prove it in court cause Ive been saving every voice mail and every text for the pure purpose of this. You are a slum lord! You do not take care of your property and all you ever talk about is 'money money money'!"
He yelled. "I liked dealing with your husband better!"
I yelled, "I bet you did! But while my husband will take your shit, I wont in any way, shape, or form. Which is why you had to start dealing with me."
He said, "Well I just didnt trust you."
Thats when sickness kicked back in. I really wanted to say "You dont trust me over the last neighbor that was always late on rent. Or the new neighbors that are 3 payments behind on their water bill and block their windows with plastic? We paid everything on time every month for 3 years but we cant be trusted?  Go fuck yourself."

Instead I shortened it to "The feeling is mutual. Im very glad to be done with you."

He kept talking after I walked out the door. I finally had to pull out my phone and say "Im late for a meeting." while he was trying to butter over how he wasnt a bad person...all while never being able to make eye contact which bugged me more than his inability to just stop talking.

I drove away and threw up behind a cub foods. I will be damned if I was going to throw up in front of someone I hate.

I also emailed the city and sent them pictures of the mold we found when we moved out.
Maor thinks Im being vengeful. I think Im protecting the next family that signs a lease....and being slightly vengeful.


  1. I fully expected you to hurl in the front yard right in front of that bastard. Congrats on the move - I hope you all love it!


  2. See? We all love you for your spiteful, vengeful and honest attitudes toward slumlords. Shame on him for even trying to slither away. It is sad that young struggling families have to rent from people like that and have to endure what you and Maor had to deal with. I am glad you are in a new place.