Sunday, May 4, 2014

Minneapolis Comic Con

I have never been to a Con, ever. It seems like I should have a long time ago. I do Ren fares like Sunday church (seriously, knights know me), Im all up in that Scifi and video game stuff, and when I say I have a costume closet I mean I have dedicated space that goes from "coolest geek costume I made by hand" to "just throw slutty before the character name".

When a friend of mine posted about this Comic Con I was all in from the get go. But as it got closer and we had some bad luck and bad luck turned into horrible luck and horrible luck turned in to "we are treading water" I was really down that I wouldnt be able to find a place in the budget for this.
Which is why I say "Thank-you, Thank-you, THANK-YOU!!" with all of my heart to everyone who watched my show and who contributed to this.
Its actually not only me who says thank you, my best friend who has also been going through a horrible year...a REALLY horrible year.. we both say THANK YOU!!

Im too tired to do a full post on the day and we are trying to collect EVERYONES pictures from our group. For now I leave you with this:

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will do a full play by play of the awesome 48 hours that was comic con.


  1. From now on...Let us help more so you can send more pictures. You will be our eyes and ears to these kinds of events...ok?


  2. I am SO glad you got to go! We have been moving our office after 90 years in the same place - now finally back up and running. I don't know who contributed to get you to get your comgasm on, but kudos to him/her and congrats again to you.