Monday, March 25, 2013


Friday I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. Then I got a text message from my mother saying "Can we come to visit?"
I said "Sure, when?"
She said, "This weekend."
Uhh ok.

My little sister left for France Friday night for her high school French class trip and my moms way of dealing with it was to head straight for her Grand daughter. It was nice for me. Maor and I went out to a movie Saturday night while she baby sat.

After spending a weekend with my mom I am a bit scared of going through "the change". She was a wreck. She complained that she was neglecting me because she hasnt talked to me in weeks (really thats just our relationship, we dont talk. Im fine with it) so I truthfully told her I didnt feel neglected (because I dont. I've been out of the house for a decade and she has two other kids in the house. Talking to her once a month is the normal.)  she sobbed that I could feel a little neglected, then grabbed me and hugged me till I could breath in the middle of the street. So I told her I felt a little neglected so she would let go and we could get out of traffic. It was very confusing.

Lea peed on Grandpa. The daycare I go to forgets to tell me that Lea needs more diapers until shes OUT of diapers so they end up using up my backups in the diaper bag if I forget to bring them in the next day. So Sunday we went out to the Mall of America and I had to change Lea into swimmies (I keep them in the diaper bag because we try to take Lea swimming once a week) because they daycare used up all my backup diapers. I figured it would work for a quick fix. I didnt think that they wouldnt work at all while Grandpa bounced her around. I came out of the store to see poor Lea looking confused while my mom was crying laughing and Grandpa was soaked.

It was an unexpected fun weekend.

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