Friday, March 8, 2013


The concert was fantastic!!

After dropping Lea off with friends we ran over to the concert and were a little late for the 7pm start time but the starter band didnt start until 7:20.
The starter band was Dead Sara. They were good. The lead singer had an interesting voice. She sounds like another lead singer from a popular band in the 90's but I dont know band names well enough to remember which one. I have to give them some credit for trying to talk with the crowd but it was a bit of a failure. The lead singer pointed out that one area smelled like weed and while most people were like "Shut up! Its illegal here!" 2 people yelled "Woo!"
Then she made some comment about how the air seemed thin and everyone just looked at her like she was crazy.
Good thing their songs were decent.

Muse was AMAZING. They had a lot going on visually and they sounded awesome! Our seats were pretty good. I took pictures and they look like little ants but we were actually pretty close.

I didnt want to but we left a little before the end with a hand full of people who also wanted to miss fighting people to get out the door.

Somehow during the night I lost my parking garage ticket. We thought we could just drive down to the bottom and grab a new ticket on the opposite side but we didnt know there was going to be a huge cement wall separating incoming cars from outgoing. I ended up pressing the big red panic button at the empty pay booth and got them to remotely tell the machine we had a ticket. It took about 10 minutes to do because I couldnt hear a damn thing the guy was trying to say over the speakers cause my ears were still ringing.

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