Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keeping busy

I have become a yoga addict. I go twice a week. I love it because I can tell Im getting more flexible and Im getting stronger which is making me stand up straighter (Ive always been a horrible sloucher) but I tend to make fun of it to myself during the sessions. I have tried out a few different classes and have my set favorites that I try to make depending on Maors work schedule. If I cant make those I am a muttering mess.
This morning I couldnt make it into my favored class because the child center was full for the time. Instead I went to a class that was run by a woman who read inspirational quotes through most of the class. At one point most people ended up getting lost through movements because she just stopped directing so most of us gave up and listened to her inspirational story on a sweater not making your life better. She was also touchy. I got 2 massages. I wouldnt say that makes me special. She was pretty touchy with everyone. She got around that room....if you know what I mean. On the plus side she did give everyone chocolate after. None of the other instructors ever gave me chocolate.

We looked at 3 houses today. None of them are THE house but its interesting that after looking at 10 houses our wants and needs are starting to change. Im actually requesting to re-see houses we saw last week because while it doesnt have the bedroom sizes I want the yard is HUGE which is hard to find around here.
I almost wish we could back out of buying a duplex and just get out own little starter house but my Gramzy is so excited about moving out here with us that I cant change my mind. She grew up here, her family is here, my mom was born here, and I think she wants to die here even if she wont admit it to anyone. I really want Lea to have that last quality time with Gramzy (which also makes me feel like an ass because there are other Great Grandkids in Colorado who wont get Gramzys pickle sandwiches and apple pies whenever they want). It also been a running joke that I would give my aunt my first born.... and I think my aunt would love to be like Leas 3rd Grandma. I cant see a down side to Lea being surrounded by loving family all the time.

On the subject of Lea, shes going to be 1 year old in a month!! Its amazing how big shes getting. She is her own little person now. She has her likes and dislikes. She loves books. Ive had the board books that can take a beating at her level on a shelf in the living room for months so she can take them down and play with them. There are 3 that she always wants me to read over and over again all day long. She always sits still for bedtime stories even if shes been hyper up till then.
She loves birds (ducks and owls), balls, rhymes, Shaun the Sheep, and Sesame Street, and bears. She tries to have conversations.
Shes not advanced in her development, shes right where she should be but I think shes amazing.


  1. Bless this house and everyone in it. Lea is amazing, her mom is amazing and her Abba is totally cool.

  2. You've come a LONG way in the last 5 years. i clearly remember when you were not so comfortable with the notion of having a child. Now you probably wonder what you would do without her. Amazing transformation. Congrats. More fun to come, I PROMISE!