Monday, March 11, 2013

At least its not shit

My landlord has gotten on my nerves for a variety of reasons. 

We were very straight forward with him when we told him we do not want to sign another year. We are looking to buy a house so what is the point of signing another year? Not to mention that I dont WANT to spend another year here.

So he said we could stay as long as we give him a 60 day notice of when we are going to leave. Fine. Works for everyone.
He dropped off a piece of paper for us to sign that was essentially another year long agreement, no mention of the 60 day notice. I called him up and told him we wouldnt sign it because its so vague. He argued that it was meant to be vague and I argued that the whole point of a contract is to be straight forward. I won and we decided he would come over tonight after I got off work to fix the agreement and we would all sign it. 

I wasnt looking forward to this. He is impossible to get rid of once hes in front of you because he talks so damn much. Last year when I was pregnant we left him and the neighbor talking in the yard while Maor and I made the excuse that we needed to go for walk to try and get Lea to get out. We went to Perkins up the road for waffles and walked home, 45 minutes later he was still talking the poor girls ear off. She looked like she was about to run out in front of a car just to get out of talking to him anymore. 

Last minute he had to cancel coming over. Yay! We rescheduled for tomorrow which was fine by me because I have an appointment I can use as an excuse to leave and only poor Maor would be stuck talking to him. Hes really good at dazing out and doing the smile and nod thing so he would be fine!

So I get home expecting a lazy night. Perfect considering I couldnt sleep last night. There was a strange noise coming from the basement (that I bravely investigated with a butcher knife in hand) and I discovered a small pond where the floor drain use to be. Luckily the only things in that area of the basement are in rubber bins so nothing was ruined but the cat was seriously confused. The walls here are stupidly thin so I heard the neighbors talking about how they also had a small pond and figured I would let it go (it wasnt septic. It smelled like water from the neighbors washing machine).
After doing the dishes the puddle started becoming a lake so I swore a little and sent the landlord a text message saying I knew the neighbors had a drain problem...and so do we.

So the landlord was very nice in showing up right away with a rooter rooter guy to snake the drains. However snaking went from 8pm to 10:30pm and he tried to carry on a conversation by yelling over the machines. Not cool when there is a baby in the house.

Good news... our baby can sleep through drills, hammers, and a guy yelling about his daughters going to prom. Also, we got the lease business out of the way so hes out of our for a while. Bad news...its 10:30, Im tired and hes still not gone. Hes currently telling me about his entire day and wont leave even while Im typing this a probably dont look like Im that interested in his story.
Sorry dude, your prompt response was nice but past experience has put you on my shit list so Im not about to make you a cup of tea and praise you.
Please go away


  1. Whenever I run into someone like that I think, "Dude. Get a blog." I've got one person I want to set up with his own YouTube channel. People would pay good money to listen to his rambling, pointless stories, I think.

  2. Now THAT was funny. What a douchebag.