Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking for a new daycare

Ive had it in my head to change Leas daycare for a few months now.
Ive seen some practices that give me pause for concern, no one seems to know state safety policies, and over the month of December when they put all the kids names up on cute shapes associated with the month they put Leas name on a Christmas tree and a stocking even though we told them we are Jewish (she may be the only Jewish baby in the daycare but she isnt the only Jewish baby in the world, its not that hard to find a dradle stencil.)
Today I walked in unnoticed and went straight to the infant room. There was no one in there and at first I thought Maor had picked up Lea and forgot to tell me until I noticed her car seat. I was about to walk back out into the pre K room when I saw Lea sleeping in a take along swing that was sitting in a pack n play in the way back of the room.
I really wish I had taken a picture. I didnt even think of it till I got home. 
It just didnt seem safe at all in my mind. 
....not to mention that I was standing in the room for a good 3 minutes packing up her stuff and putting her in her car seat until someone walked in and said "Oh, how did you sneak past?"

So Ive left voice messages at every daycare from my house to work asking if they have openings.

I am really kinda pissed. I would say 80% of my paycheck...or probably more... goes to daycare because I put my foot down and told Maor we are going with facilities instead of at home because they are regulated but now Im feeling like that was a lot of wasted money.


  1. Have you checked with your local Synagog to see what they have available? I am sure there are some amazing JCCA supported facility.


  2. Dave has a great suggestion. As for thinking you have been screwed, consider the peace of mind you have had until your recent visit. Whether or not she was safe, you THOUGHT she was. next to actually being safe, you thinking she was safe is the next best thing as long as nothing happens to her. Glad she's ok and LOVE the parenting you are doing. just imagine what this world would be like if every child had at least one parent that actually gave a fuck.