Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little fishy!

We went to the gym to start our little free trial thing yesterday. They gave us a tour and a run down of all the included stuff which is EVERYTHING....except tennis... tennis you have to pay extra for.
They have a pool with 50 different classes and free swim. They have all the equipment you could ever need for anything up to and (if only you could get away with it) including sex. They have yoga classes, spin classes,   stretching classes, weight lifting classes, personal trainers to kiss your ass, and a basket ball court!
The bathrooms/locker rooms have hot tubs, a sauna, hair dyers, complimentary soaps, and mouthwash.
And they have child care...really the most important part.
It absolutely insane and swank.

After the tour they gave us the run down on how much it would cost a month. I was right, its $120 a month. Insurance may cover $40 of it (I need to call them tomorrow and ask) but thats a bit out of our budget. The catch was they would wave all the start up fees if we signed up right then BUT we have until the middle of Feb to decide if we really want to go with it or not. If we do we just keep going, if we dont we get a full refund. So we splurged a little and went with it.
I dont think I realized just how badly we both need to get back into shape until we met with a trainer. He ran us through a few quick exercises and showed us some things to do that would eventually help with Maors back. I dont know if I have mentioned this before but Maor is unable to stand up straight and has MAJOR lower back pain. We had a neighbor who was a chiropractor who would come over and crack him but she constantly stressed that the best thing is for him to do Yoga and work on his back because his muscles just arent holding the disks in place.
So while I was huffing and puffing like I just ran 10 miles after doing a few wobbly lunges Maor was just flat out unable to keep himself straight and solid. It was bad and we both agreed that we needed to do something about this.

After working out we picked up Lea from the daycare and took her to the pool. She looked a little scared at first and clung to our necks as hard as she could but she didnt cry. We took turns walking her up and down the pool and playing with her while the other did some laps. After about a half hour she got a little braver and would let go and splash and kick.

Today we did the same thing. Worked out for a bit then grabbed Lea and hit the pool.

We would really like to go 3 times a week. Maybe a little more if we alternate who goes at night and stays with Lea (daycare is only open till 8). Sundays we have pretty much decided will always be a workout then take Lea to the pool day. Im really determined to stick with it.

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  1. That's a cool little video. Momma in her bikini, Lea floating around and daddy filming it all and cooing at Lea. What more could the fans want?