Thursday, January 24, 2013


Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
The leather anniversary. I dont know who thought that up. Seems like something you would hit around your 14th anniversary when your really scrapping the barrel for ideas. 

We still dont have a baby sitter. We will just have to wait until Lea is asleep to celebrate. She goes to bed early so its ok. We will probably make a steak dinner, light some candles, watch a movie, have some sex, and go to bed. 

The past 3 years have been very interesting. I wonder what the next one is going to bring. 

We have already decided that Saturday morning we are going to lifetime fitness to start a free trial for their gym. We want to start working out so we can have abs. You cant get gym rates online BUT you can get week long free trials, so if we can stick with this gym idea we will probably spend the next month testing out gyms then hopefully find one we can afford. We need a gym with a daycare so that narrows our options down quite a bit. 

So thats our future. Here is the past 3 years.

 We lived in Las Vegas for a little while.
We visited Maors family in Israel.
And we had a sweet little baby girl.


  1. Holy cow! Three years? That's amazing! It seems like just yesterday you were talking about that guy from the mall kiosk selling electronic cigarettes who kept hitting on you! Congratulations! Here's to many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Levi