Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cabin Fever!

Once again its that time of the winter where I have been hit with cabin fever!
Not working retail this year made it come on a lot quicker. Usually I dont start going stir crazy till around February

I havent really left the house for anything but grocery shopping and work for two months. I did have that 4 day weekend in Wisconsin with my parents but I mostly hid in their house. 
Its too cold to go outside, we're too broke to hit up a museum, and its freezing out. I didnt want to mall walk over the past two months because who the hell wants to go to the mall if they dont have to over the Christmas season? 

So after Lea gets up from her nap and has lunch we are going to the Mall of America to walk around. Im not a fan of malls but I need to see something besides the inside of this house or my office. 


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    2. Actually, this solution may be better anyway. I can work with this. Do you have a wishlist?

  2. Chipin is fixed! I do have a wishlist though.