Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great Grandma

So today started the barrage of family parading through my home for the rest of the month.

My Gramzy and Aunt Madonna came up over today. They live in Massachusetts so they dont get to see Lea often. Gramzy is 83 and its very hard for me to think of not having her in my life so every moment she gets to spend with Lea is gold to me. I wish Lea could grow up with Gramzy in her life because Gramzy such a fantastic strong woman.

This is by far my favorite picture of the day:

Tomorrow my mother in law will be here. Shes going to meet her Grand daughter for the first time. Its going to be a very exciting an exhausting day for everyone.
Luckily because my job is AWESOME Im taking a half day off to pick up Lea and take her to the airport with Maor so my mother in law can see her little grand daughter. I didnt need to take the day but you dont let your mother in law fly all the way from Israel to come off the plane without a huge fanfaire.

Sadly though, this also means my time on the internet is going to be limited for the rest of the month. So if I dont post, Im not dead... I just have my hands full.

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  1. Speaking for everyone in the blogosphere - we will await the updates that are sure to follow.