Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Count down to Mother in Law

Maor finds out if he gets to keep his licence on the 10th. He has to go to court, show them he did all that was required and ask them really nicely to skip the 30 day revoke.

So I put up the chipin again... just in case we will need the extra funds.
Same deal as last time $5 donation gets a non nude picture request. $20 or more and you can request classy nudity. :)

I wasnt going to put it up until after we find out the final verdict but I just remembered my Mother in Law is coming...and staying with us...in our very tiny house...from the 15th till the 1st...not conducive to nude photo taking in a timely manner.

This is going to sound horrible but Im not too excited about Maors mom coming to the states to stay with us for 2 weeks. Shes a very very nice woman but shes very stereotypical Jewish mother....and stereotypical Israeli  Shes pushy, she will guilt you, and she will spoil her damn son and grand kid rotten. I suspect that Maor will not lift a finger while his mommy is around which is going to drive me nuts because shes a guest and I'll feel horrible if she starts cleaning my house!
In the next two weeks I need to scrub his place from top to bottom so she has no reason to lift a finger (or comment on my cleaning skills) and I need to find a better hiding place for our bedtime toys in case she tries to help out by folding and putting away our laundry.

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  1. For a girl that likes her wine time and her Maor time and her Leah time and her nekkid time this will put a little cramp in your style. The good thing is that she will likely bear gifts and/or at least take Maor and/or Leah shopping.