Friday, September 28, 2012

We shall endure!

Well not everything can go right now can it?
Apparently, after Maor got a new, used, truck he decided that he didnt want to go with the same insurance we've had and didnt insure the new truck right away. He just forgot, until he got pulled over. Ticket for no insurance.
After that he apparently forgot...again... to put insurance on the truck and accidentally hit someones mailbox when backing up after getting lost on a side road. The home owner wasnt around but the next door neighbor was standing right there, so he gave the neighbor his business card and asked him to pass it on and have the guy call him if he saw any damage.
So a couple days after that a cop shows up at our door asking why Maor did a hit and run on a mailbox.
The police said they tried to call Maor a couple times from a blocked number and he didnt pick up. So hes being charged again with no insurance and a hit and run (which we asked how it could be a hit and run if he gave information, which the police CLEARLY got from the neighbor, because I've never heard of your phone number being attached to your licence plate). 
I was LIVID at Maor. Days of screaming ensued. Days...honestly.. I cant yell about it anymore. He should have insured the damn car especially after the FIRST ticket. No good will come out of yelling anymore. Im just repeating myself.
Anyway, today we got a letter stating that because of these no insurance tickets Maors licence will be revoked until he pays a fine, completes the written driving test again, and has our insurance company send proof of insurance on the car. I read the letter twice and there is something in it that makes me think that even if he does all this before the official date of revoking in 2 weeks they will still revoke it for 30 days. I think thats all a bit harsh for driving without insurance (and that IS all its for... I read the letter up and down looking for more than one reason for revoking). Im a little nervous. Maors job depends on his ability to drive and the harsh reality is we do live paycheck to paycheck. I already have ideas on how we can make it through without his income for a while, but I really hope it doesnt come to that. 
Im just trying to keep the perspective that things could be WAY worse, and we will endure.

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  1. Weighing in on this issue at this point is pointless really, but here goes. Never, ever, ever, ever even drive off of the parking lot in a vehicle that is uninsured, period unless it is just for a test drive. Once you buy it you need to insure it. Had he had an accident that killed someone or that had caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages then he would have a HUGE judgment against him that would certainly drive y'all into Bankruptcy. The risk is simply too great. This is an important lesson for him.