Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not my best moment but fuck off anyway

Last night I was trying to get back into my tai chi.
I havent been sleeping well so I thought a little exercise would be good.

Well, I started thinking about why I wasnt sleeping and realized the very VERY few days I have to sleep the down stairs neighbor has been the one to keep me up with her parties and fights with whoever. So I started stomping moves out of anger. STOMPING!

I stopped after about 2 minutes when another neighbor said it was disrupting him. I apologized and told him it will never happen again (because it really wont and that guy will be getting leftover cupcakes Sunday that Im making for a different residents birthday party)

I shouldnt have done what I did.
I even told that to the landlord today when he was changing the locks and brought it up.


When she came up 12 hours after the stomping and said "Not cool! I wake up for work at 6am!" I looked at the clock (11:30 am)
I laughed in her face. Told her about how I actually have to work nights and wake up with my child at 6am and I did not appreciate her parties and temper tantrums after 2am.
She said it wasnt her.
"I dont have a boyfriend!"
"Then your baby daddy. I dont care what you call him but I can reenact your entire fight."
She looked at me like "umm"
I said, "Look, if you wake me up again. Im calling the cops. Its that simple. We are done."
And shut the door.

All I heard after that was a "UH! WOW!" and furious texting.

Yep, I was in the wrong and was totally immature for a minute but the message has been delivered!


Cause we will get you...not right away but oh fuck... we will get you..

*Im not allowing comments on this post because I dont even want to fucking hear it, Im so sick of everyone's bullshit online and off  that Im bursting and is probably whats prompting my momentary psycho thing.*

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