Sunday, May 3, 2015

My first party

Today I threw my first party. Well, it was more like a get together. All my best friends showed up...and one guy that it turns out I dont know how I know.

I have had someone as a facebook friend for 4 years that I cant remember how they got there.
When I moved back to Madison he sent me a message saying we should hang out again sometime. I looked at his profile and he looks a lot like a guy I went to college with so I assumed thats how I knew him and invited him to the party. The name was not a tip off because there were 3 guys with that same first name in most of my classes.

When he walked in and wasnt all "HEY MAN!" to my other college friend who would have had all the same classes with us if he was who I thought he was I realized I have NO IDEA how I knew this guy. I didnt want to say anything so I just introduced him and acted like nothing was weird.

Luckily, he was very nice. He brought a nice whiskey (which I totally forgot about when we all got talking and feel like an ass for not opening), ice cream for the teenagers, and ice. He also fit right in with the group that was there.

When everyone started leaving my 2 girlfriends and I were talking about seeing a movie and he left. After a minute I said, "OK! I have no idea who that guy was!" and explained the whole thing. They think hes cool so they are just going to invite him to a game night.
Whats really funny is everyone said he looked kinda familiar but just assumed he was from a different group of my friends. Maybe he just has one of those faces.

Anyway, made a new friend (or am refinding an old friend...I have no idea) and I got a lot of nice gifts which I was NOT expecting. I should have said no gifts but I didnt even think about it.

I think it was a success. Maybe I'll have more parties.

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  1. i am thinking your need to be seen naked is not as strong as my desire to see you naked. i feel pretty confident about that!