Friday, June 12, 2015

By my pretty little bonnet

Today was not a good day.

I worked a double shift type thing. Cause I really owe someone for the shifts they have covered for me and Im banking hours for the Disney World Christmas.

Did I mention that yet? I dont think I did.
My Florida residing aunt bought most of the family passes to Disney World for a week over Christmas and rented a cottage so all the little kids can be together. I cant wait! Lea is really too young for anything but the Magic Kingdom but shes never met her cousins, I havent seen my cousins in ages, the cottage is right on the safari part so we can see the animals from our rooms, and FUCKING SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!!! day...
That wasnt that bad. It was a rainy day so all Lea wanted to do was color and watch movies anyway. And really, after doing 18 hour days in retail during the holidays while pregnant, sitting on my butt staring at a computer is a cake walk.

What sucked was Maor called. He hasnt called, emailed, texted, or even asked for Lea in WEEKS and yesterday his parents quizzed me on how much he called because apparently hes telling them he calls all the time and I dont let him talk to Lea.
So of course he actually called today.

Before I let him talk to Lea I quizzed him myself, where has he been, why hasnt he called for her, where is the money we agreed on for child support? No answer was a good one but the thing that slapped me in the face was that he said I could have child support when the court ordered it. THAT is not Maor. Someone told him to say that. God forbid I ever find out who it is. Their death may not be the result of my work but it will be long and painful....and probably the result of a tragic long and painful accident.

Another side note. He looks like shit. Hes lost a ton of weight and is super pale. To be fair, I look like shit too but Im working full time and raising a child while also trying to maintain a social life so hopefully I look like happy shit.

After the conversation and after I made it clear that if he does a disappearing act again I will never let him talk to Lea again (that was what my dad did. He popped in and out when he felt like it. It was painful to grow up with and I refuse to let Maor do that to Lea.) I put Lea on.

From the things he said to Lea it is now a race to get paperwork in. Hes going to leave the country. Leas documents are all in a safety deposit box that only I can get in so I dont need to worry about him taking her that but I cannot imagine that trying to divorce someone over seas is easy.

On the bright side. Tomorrow Im going to have donuts, coffee, and go see Jurassic World with one of my best friends. We both have wonky schedules but we refuse to be the last people to see this movie! Its going to be fun.

Lea is also starting gymnastics soon.

Things really are getting better. We just have to take the ups with the downs.


  1. What a special asshole this guy is.

  2. Which donut shop? I got through university, many late night in Dunkin Donuts, studying for exams and writing papers. Spent more time there than in the university library.

    Took a long time for me taste a Krispy Kreme donut because in Canada they never had their donut shops launched until quite late in the game, I actually tried one for the first time when I was travelling on a work assignment in Asheville, NC...but KK are absolutely my favorite donuts

    ...there's a disconnect in the story, how do you know how he looks like if he only called. skype perhaps?"

    ...hope you enjoyed your movie night out with a few delicious donuts to boot...i'm happy to read your in a good mood and feeling positive ...Take care and if you need somebody, just call my name...

    1. Also, I dont know your name...your anonymous.

    2. When I was in Australia on a work assignment, i found KK donuts at the gas stations. I bought a 6 pack box of original glazed ones now and again, yummy... Glad you enjoyed your evening, great to feel like a child from time to time, i dont know why, but lately i had some flashbacks to my elementary school days..boy, how life was fun and full of dreams back then.

      I'm just an eternal fan of yours...the name is Bebop. Tell your daughter "Bebop says Hi!" she seems like a real darling and youre lucky to have her. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  3. I was in a rush so I just got donuts from the gas station but they were decent. The movie was horribly fantastic. I felt like I was 8 again. It is better than I expected.

    Maor does facetime when he calls because Lea will not pay attention to just talking on the phone. If she cant see you its like your not there.

    1. actually, I used to call myself Sting but changed it to Bebop a few years back...i give up, free, set them free...and if you need somebody, just call my name, whichever one you want. Take good care.

  4. Well, I am not sure about Wisconsin law, but you can easily get a divorce when jackhole is out of the country. I am a lawyer and have had to do it for someone who refused to come back to my state to get a divorce. It will be easier than you think.

    I have been hating coming to your page and seeing that last post - pretty disturbing. I am glad you've turned the page from that day. I always hope things get better for y'all! LOVE Disney is truly magical at Christmas. If you have never been that time of year you will flip out. Pretty fucking awesome.