Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Well, thats what I get for caring.

Its 6am. Im never up this early but Ive been thrown off because of yesterday. I went through hell.

Two weeks ago I got a call from a woman I dont know saying Maor was in jail and asked if I would help. I told her good fucking luck because I do not think that I should be getting a call from a third party asking for my help. My stand was if he wanted help he should call me himself. I did call his parents and thanked her for helping him.

I called in a favor and asked why he was in jail. They said he got into an accident but had to arrest him for a past drunk and disorderly. That is not like him at all... he doesnt drink and while hes loud and says some pretty stupid shit... I dont think he would be arrested for disorderly ever. BUT he has been acting weird for the past year so I accepted it as maybe this kiosk cult hes gotten into has changed him that much.

Now fast forward to yesterday... I still havent heard from him.
I called his parents, because I actually talk to Maors parents WAY more than he does now. Its weird and probably the biggest red flag as to how much hes changed in a year.
They havent talked to him since they got the call from the strange woman saying he was in jail either but a different 3rd party assured them he was out and ok.
So I called the different 3rd party to try and get a message out for Maor to call SOMEONE. They told me they hadent talked to Maor in months and never told Maors parents he was ok.

So because something was fishy I called in another favor and found out that the person charged with drunk and disorderly was not actually Maor. It was someone who was just had his wallet.

Thats when I lost it. I actually thought Maor was dead.
He hadent called for Lea in weeks, his family didnt hear from him, strange calls, ect...
I was pretty sure he was dead in a ditch somewhere and the guilt from not trying to find him sooner just consumed me.

I blew up the strange womans phone. She refused to tell me anything and kept hanging up on me. At one point she said "Do you want me to call the police?"
I said "YES!"

Fast forward a few thousand phone calls later. Maor did finally pick up and all he said was "I dont want to talk to you" and hung up.

Great, hes alive.

Hes just a jerk but an alive jerk.

So I passed out from some sort of adrenaline/crying fit of exhaustion.

Annnnddd woke up at 4am unable to fall asleep thinking about how stupid I am for wasting time on him.


  1. Holy shit. I have not heard from you about this kiosk cult and guess I have to subscribe to the blog to read it. Fuck that douchebag. He is not worth your tears or affection. The anger a mother has towards the father of her child when he has totally lost interest in the child is justified - that fucktard needs to have his ass whooped. Fucking loser. You are SO much better than that. This recent news has me pissed off too.

  2. I havent talked about the kiosk cult but it really is a fucking cult hes gotten into (or gang maybe).
    Maor and I actually use to joke about the MOA kiosk maffia but now hes stuck in it.
    I talked to one of the leaders last night and the shit he said to me just left me speechless. They are catering to his weaknesses.

  3. Jeezus. So someone stole his wallet and his identity, is racking up an arrest record using it, he's vanished from his daughter's life, and all he has to say is "I don't want to talk to you?" Fuck him up the ass with a cactus, sideways.

    Is this whole identity theft / prison thing part of the kiosk mafia? Has he been required to transfer his identity to someone else who would otherwise be doing hard time? If "he" is in jail and has a past record for things he likely hasn't done, has someone been using his identity for a while?

    My first thought when I started reading this was that it was the standard "X is in prison, wire money to here" scam. Apparently it isn't. Holy crap.

    Needless to say - but I'll say it anyway: You're better off without him.