Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pray for the child

I have a hand full of facebooks friends that are religious catholic/christian. I mostly keep them around because we were friends for a bit back when I lived in the deep south and they were truly nice and accepting of me when I was young so I feel rude unfriending them even though most of what they say now as adults insults me as a half agnostic half Jew (meaning I do not believe in god but agree with most of the moral teachings of the Torah and personally prefer to celebrate the Jewish holidays with my Jewish husband over the over merchandised holidays of whoever celebrates Christmas, Easter, and Black Friday.) To be fair I never let my religious preference slip to any of these people in the past or even now because I do not feel that religion or politics are things you should speak about in high school or on twitter with your real name.. especially when extended family can follow you and retweet you before family reunions insuring you NEVER get a good portion of bacon mashed potatoes because you married some jew. (Hes the jew, Im just trying and failing, give me the bacon Great aunt chin hair!) Anyway... One of these friends is going through the tough time of having a sick baby (3 months old in the ICU but hasnt posted what they have) and keeps asking for prayers. That does not bother me. I would actually give up bacon for my child if I thought it would make her better during an ear ache. What bothers me is after a week of only "Pray for my child." followed by heart breaking pictures of a little girl hooked up to machines with NO explanation as to what is going on she posted a picture of trees with white text saying "In tough situations I only trust and thank god." Thats where I had to go, "You only trust god in these times? What about the doctors and nurses that are watching over your baby? Where is their thank you? While I have seen may a "thank you for your prayers" I havent seen a single "thank you nurse"." I didnt actually post that. I would dare upset a good southern family during a hard time... but I really hope she looks up from the floor and tells the actual people standing over her child "Thank you." If she doesnt, here is my small voice... Thank you for your services. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for caring about a child and their family. Thank you for going to work every day. Lives are in your hands and sometimes we forget that. Please forgive us.


  1. Religion and politics. Such divisive topics that are have been so undeniably intertwined throughout history. I don't like mixing either into my personal life. Live and let live is my motto in that regard. As long as what you believe and do or don't do does not affect my wife and kids or me then have at it. I won't tell anyone how to run their world and they had damned sure better not tell me how to run mine.

    As for your plea, I agree. If the doctors and nurses are competent I would pray and hope that they did their jobs to the best of their abilities. Also hope and pray that the hospital administrators are hiring qualified individuals to care for the sick. At the end of the day all of the people who do anything to help us (from the waitress to the doctor) a deserve thanks. No one should work for others without thanks - and occasional praise for doing the job well or right.


  2. they probably do say thank you to the nurses and doctors, they do it face-to-face like most normal people and the do it while they empty their wallets, purses and bank accounts to them as well. if you really don't like em, just defriend them. it far more healthier than this me good jew-they bad fundamentalist christians ranting. hows your muslim half sister anyways? are the muslims shitters too? i really hope one day you manage to escape organized religion altogether, its so much not you. you are not petty enough for it. it really doesn't fit your personality. if you want to do something organized, do organized crime! just kidding. actually, if there is a God, i pray he will perform some miracle to get you away from all the needless identity-crisis brainwashing and hypocritical morals. and no I'm not the devil, you're just you, be free and be well.

  3. I don't know... I've found more sympathy to my views (as a relatively new orthodox Jew) among those who are serious about another religion than among those who are serious about none. As an engineer/scientist, those who claim agnosticism or atheism seem to feel antagonized by my dropping _their_ faith, whereas those who are devout christians seem more curious than anything else