Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hood 1 done

Well at least I got SOMETHING off my check list. I finally put together one of our family Assassins Creed costumes. I did Leas cloak first because I figured if I messed it up it takes the least amount of fabric. It turned out pretty good. I really should have ironed the edges before I started sewing but Im still learning. It only took me 3 hours to make. (Still learning and I messed around with my sewing machine for about an hour trying to learn all the buttons...I still dont understand most of them.)
We are going to put it on her for the local Purim carnival tomorrow. Im a little excited. We are going to the synagogue that I took my conversion classes at so Im hoping we bump in to some of the couples from our class. I know they have kids. I also want to ask the Rabbi if I can finish where I left off or if I need to start all over.

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