Monday, February 17, 2014

What do you mean you dont want a cupcake?

A local radio station has a Valentines Day contest where they ask people to email them stories about their unromantic boyfriends/husbands.
The top 25 get to dive in to a cake to find a tiny token. The person that finds it gets a trip for 2 to Mexico.

Maor has done a couple of things where if I blow them up and dont mention any of the sweet things he has ever done he sounds REALLY bad. I sent in a story and we were selected as one of the 25 couples.

So Valentines Day we went to Mall of America, they gave Maor cut off shirt with the radio stations name on it and he dove in to cake for me to try and win a trip to Mexico.

We did not win. Maor is not good when it comes to spinning.... throws him right off.
I spun him around 3 times blindfolded and pointed him to the cake. Then he got down on his hands and knees and shifted himself pointing left of the cake. I kept trying to push him in the right direction again but I wasnt sure how far I could knock him around before someone went "steering your husband is cheating" so they said "GO!" and I watched him crawl off in the wrong direction until I think he figured out the cake isnt that far away and went back towards the cake.

Long story short he ended up far FAR away from where the token was found but in all fairness there was no way to know where the hell it was anyway.
It was a fun time, he smelt like cake after (which was a bit of a turn on), and we still got free movie tickets and cupcakes.

...Maor doesnt want a cupcake.

This is the radio stations little video. You can kinda see Maor lost in the background a few times.


  1. THAT was hilarious! But I never saw Maor anywhere. He must've really been lost. Pretty cool promo - glad y'all had fun.


  2. Way to go Maor. I am proud of you. Better luck next time.