Friday, February 7, 2014

Cakes and nests

A local radio station does a contest every year around Valentines day called "Duds to Studs". Women tell their stories of how their men are unromantic and the top 25 make their husbands or boyfriends compete for a chance to win a trip to Mexico on Valentines day.

I have no idea how I missed this last year but this year Maor and I were in the car together while they did the bit with a woman who was picked to be one of the top 25. Maor has done some less than romantic things. Overall Im happy but there have been a few times that where if people only heard that one story they would ask why I was with him. I asked him if he would be mad if I entered us in the contest. Luckily he is of the same mind set of me in a free trip to Mexico is worth being embarrassed over.

So I emailed in my sad 100 word story of our first vacation where he invited his cousin to come along and divulged that the only time he bought me a bra he handed it to me in the bag with the receipt and announced that his mother picked it out.

We were in. I taped a whole bit for the station and everything which they played twice. I got calls at work all day from techs and long time customers that know me about how they heard it. 

So Valentines Day evening Maor and I will be at Mall of America. I will be screaming my head off while Maor tries to dig through cake blindfolded for a heart token with 25 other men. If he wins we get a 7 day trip to Mexico. If he loses we still get movie tickets.

The office is so dead in the winter that while that is what everyone is talking about my accusing my husband of being a horrible romantic they are also starting to spread rumors that Im "nesting" because Ive gotten so bored that I started dusting EVERYTHING. I cleaned out the fridge, I went through every cupboard and filing cabinet, I organized the supply closet in a way that an OCD person would ask for tips. 

The managers brought it up today while I was trying to wash a window while it was so fucking cold outside that the Windex was freezing INSIDE before I could wipe it off. 
I told them they could worry when I started craving spicy food all the time.

Then somewhere in the middle of scraping off the windex from window I realized I havent had my period in a LONG time. Last time was was the end of December before we left for Israel.
But we did have that accident where I needed to take a reset pill... but that was only about a week later so I should have had my period by now. I started to panic. I did the math in my head of how much daycare alone would be with 2 kids. I almost passed out in the entry way of our building.

Then I got half way through this post expecting a "maybe there is a baby" ending but got the horrible pain saying "nope."

Which creates a new problem.... tomorrows show. 

Im going to leave it up to you guys. I obviously cannot preform to my full potential for a few days. 
Should I push it off till next weekend or carry on?

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  1. I am a LONGtime fan but have never seen a show. I don't monitor your site on weekends. I hope you took care of you and blew off the show until you're feeling better.