Saturday, February 8, 2014

Show rescheduled

Sorry guys. I was going back and forth about it in my head last night about if I should reschedule my show due to "ladyrain" as Jay so nicely put it. The decision to reschedule actually came after I woke up this morning and the cold I have been fighting all week finally won. My nose is raw and I cant go 5 minutes without going into a coughing fit.

So I rescheduled for next weekend. We are turning it into a cosplay/ Valentines Day/ possible celebration show. I put that it will only be a half hour show but Im fairly certain it will go MUCH longer what with showing off and sex and what Im sure will be a wonderfully fun story about the contest the night before. 

Maor took Lea out to the indoor park and asked a couple of times if I wanted to come too. I told him that even though it is just a cold I am a snotty coughing mess and it would be horribly irresponsible of me to go touching a bunch of stuff little kids are crawling all over. Thats how epidemics start. 

So I cleaned the house a little, started some laundry and have now made a nest on the couch of tissues and tea (in my Stileproject mug) and am watching the Olympics while pretending to be Canadian so I can see them live. Yay technology.

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  1. Immora, you are stunning. I love the casual and quick sexiness you share on CW. Thank you for the Valentines motivational pictures and videos.