Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am determined to have a fantastic weekend.

Tomorrow I need to get up early, put Lea in daycare, go to work, get Lea, feed her and get her all ready for bed, pack up the car, put Lea in the car, and drive 4 and a half hours to my moms house.
I could wait until Saturday morning but Lea hates the car so she will sleep for the first half of the trip and scream for the last half.

Im not going to worry about a damn thing. Im going to visit with friends, eat my parents out of house and home....if they have any food in the house, they usually dont but sometimes there are cookies, and watch my daughter try to pull down the Christmas tree.
Im also going to go sledding because there was just a huge storm so it is prime sledding time!

I cant wait!


  1. Are you still undergoing conversion?

    1. I stopped half way through classes because we moved but i do have full intentions to finish

  2. Safe travels. Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas. After this one it will be FULL ON with Lea from here on out.