Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing is included with my rent. Not water, not heat, not garbage, not lawn mowing, raking, or plowing. I dont pay less rent for it either. I found out about 6 months ago that we pay more to rent than people in duplexes owned by someone else 2 houses down.

So it snowed today, a lot. I went out in the afternoon while Lea was taking a nap and shoveled a good 6 inches off my walkway and all down my roughly 20 foot driveway (its longer than that but Im really just counting from the back of the truck to the street). 
It kept snowing after that so after I put Lea to bed I went back out to shovel again. If I didnt have a little snow bank going you wouldnt know I shoveled at all. So Im trucking along in the dark when I look up and notice the driveway of the other side of the duplex is plowed. That side has been empty for 2 months.
The god damn landlord came out here, plowed the empty side, and left! He didnt touch my driveway. He didnt even knock on the door and asked if I needed it done... I know, cause I was home all god damn day! I know he didnt just hire someone to do it either because the walls here are like paper and I heard him walking around in the other side while I was feeding Lea.

Im was so angry I actually started shaking. 
I didnt call the landlord yet because I really need time to calm down. The only thing I can think to say pretty much goes something like "You lazy fucking asshole! I dont care if you said you dont plow, if you go to the trouble of driving all the way out here to plow one side then you should at least offer to do the side with a PAYING TENNANT you dickface!"
I also really wanted to do things like write "Landlord is an asshat" in the snow on that side, or shovel all the snow back into the driveway at least up to the first half...just to fuck with him.
I didnt...but I wanted to.

I'll call him and say something tomorrow...when I can think in more than just swear words.

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  1. The words "douche" and "bag" immediately come to mind. He wasn't raised right. Out of a sense of duty alone he should have plowed your driveway. His parents obviously fucked up bigtime.