Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Christmas

Leas first Christmas was a lot of fun.

Friday night I drove down to my parents house right after work so Lea would sleep through the 4 hour drive.
I got in at exactly midnight. Leas little eyes popped open right when I pulled up. It took a couple hours to get her to settle down and go back to sleep. She was very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa. My little sister was also having a sleep over so Lea was greeted by 3 teenage girls high on chocolate cake and red bull with mustaches drawn on their faces in eye liner.

Saturday Lea and I chilled at the house with Grandpa. Grandpa was officially the favorite for the weekend. I suspect it had something to do with his dark hair and glasses and her missing Daddy but I didnt tell him that. Lea also discovered a singing hallmark toy that she just LOVED.

Sunday I spent the day visiting friends. I pawned off Leas old baby cloths to a friend who is expecting her first girl in March. I told her to go through the stuff when she had time and whatever she didnt want she could donate.

Christmas eve day we sat around the house, made cookies, and hand a Lord of the Rings marathon. At some point in the day we stopped the movie and I took my little sister out to teach her how to drive (she just got her learners permit on Friday). She did pretty well... though shes terrified to step on the gas and stopping at any speed will give you whiplash.
Christmas eve we followed my parents to church. Leas was determined every day to stay up as late as possible and Monday night was no exception, so we tagged along to 9pm mass because I knew my mom wanted to show her off to her friends and I figured Lea would enjoy the singing anyway.
Lea was VERY good in church. She wiggled around a lot and forced herself to stay awake but she was quiet. There was a baby right behind us crying half way through and Lea shot up and gave the kid a look that said, "Are you trying to get me in trouble??" It was very cute.
We got back to my moms house around 11pm and I finally got Lea to go to sleep. I figured she would sleep in the next day but come 8am she woke up and started wiggling around like a fish at the bottom of a boat with a big smile on her face like she knew what was going on.

Lea got 2 new outfits, a fisher price phone, stack-able rings, and a teddy bear. I got soap and candy (my parents still do my stocking....and in our family Santa doesnt want you to smell funny). I also got a gift card to Target that I plan on using to buy Lea more cloths with. Shes growing like a weed and in another week her jammies are all going to be too small.

I drove back up to Minneapolis Christmas night. I got home around 11:30pm so I was dead tired going into work yesterday but it was worth it.
I think Lea is a little upset that we left. Shes been acting clingier the last couple of days and the daycare says that she hasnt been nearly as perky. They think its because of her teeth coming in but her mood is just fine as long as I stay in the room.

I think she will perk up when Daddy comes home Saturday morning. :)
I bet he cant wait to kiss this little face!


  1. Cool pacifier! Glad y'all had a great Christmas and even more happy that Lea gets to see her daddy tomorrow morning. Happy New Year indeed.


  2. Love that pacifier! I've seen some real cute ones - some sword-swallowing friends had a sword handle binky - but this one looks like Hungry Zombie Baby! RRRRARRRGH!!!!