Wednesday, December 5, 2012

White Castle and hearts attacks

With the holidays coming up work has been very boring. Im one of 3 admin. We are the only ones who are always in the office doing paperwork and answering phones. With the phones not ringing and very little paperwork coming in we have been filling the void with food. One tech brought in candied nuts, which started a full day of "Toms nuts are delicious!" and "I cant answer the phone, my mouth is full of Toms nuts!" while giggling like little kids. We are a very mature group. Our boss bought us a box of those little butter Christmas cookies that come in a tin (I LOVE those) and after a sales guy bought us all White Castle coffee mugs (I dont know why) we decided to send one girl on a special trip to White Castle to get us all tiny burgers. I've never had them before and I can honestly say I never want to have them again. They tasted fine but I felt disgusting after I ate a bunch of them.
I really want to make sugar cookies this weekend to bring in but while Im super skinny, the other two are starting to complain about their butts getting bigger. I might make them and bring them in anyway just so I can eat them all... Im sure some of the techs will wonder in and take a few.

Maor saved a life this week. Walking out of work on Monday he saw a guy laying in a parking garage so he called 911 and went with the guy to the hospital to make sure he was ok. The guy had a heart attack. Hes ok now.

Leas new thing is screaming as loud as she can at the highest pitch that she can. Not because there is anything wrong, she just things its super fun. I am slowly going def. The other day the daycare said she got up into another girls face and screamed until the other girl started crying. Today I walked in and Lea had her pacifier in her mouth. I asked if her teeth were bothering her, because thats the only time I ever give her her pacifier. They admitted she was fine but the screaming was getting irritating so they gave her the pacifier to get her to shut up.

I got Christmas Eve off. Weather permitting Im planing on going down to visit my parents for a long weekend. My windshield wipers arent working and I dont think Im going to be able to afford to have them fixed and I REALLY dont want to drive Maors tank of a truck all the way to Wisconsin.  So Im crossing my fingers for all sun.

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