Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Much food

Well the "treating myself" fund was WAY more successful then I imagined it would be.
I took my family out for pizza at a place called Pizzeria Lola. It was on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives and I have been wanting to go there for months. So while my parents and siblings were up for the weekend we went there and ordered 5 different pizzas. We got the sunny side, Korean bbq, Hawaiian, margarita, and my brother got a cheese pizza. They were all awesome!
Honestly I have spent most of the money on food. A coffee and desert here and there. There is a french cafe about 10 minutes away that makes one hell of an awesome raspberry cake. One slice is $5 but its sooo worth it!
I also bought Lea a bouncer. It counts as being for me because my arms were getting super tired holding her up so she could jump. I got a little annoyed when I bought it because I brought it home, set it up, figured out there was one piece missing and had to take it all down and go back to the store for a new one. It was all worth it after I got the second one put together and put her in it. Shes a little short yet so I folded up a thick blanket and put it under the chair. It super cute watching her bounce around and play with the toys. 

Shes blurry because she wouldnt hold still.

Im taking the rest of it and sticking it in my savings in hopes that when November comes around Maor and I can use it to drop Lea off at Grandma and Grandpas and have a quiet weekend in the Dells. I say hope because with the way my car is acting I might have to revert the funds into a "keep the car alive" fund. We'll see. We have to wait until November because we are totally booked this month and October with family stuff. 

Thanks again to everyone who took an interest!! Thanks to you, my butt is a little bigger and Im heavily caffeinated.


  1. Love it! You could stand to put on a pound or two in the fanny - it gives you more dramatic curves. Glad you and Maor could indulge a little.


  2. Set up another Chip-In for the November trip.