Sunday, September 9, 2012

The neighbor

I've lived in this house now for a year and a half. We know the girl who lives in the other half of the duplex, we politely nod at the neighbors across the street and the 20 children of various ages that go in and out of their house, and we wave at the neighbor who walks her cat every night that lives to the left of us.
The guy who lives with his mother to the right of us will only speak to my husband.
I did talk to his mother once. She was hanging her bras out by the back door while I was raking so I made some polite conversation.
I didnt think much of it the first year we were here. I occasionally see him out playing with his big German Shepard but I was usually on my way to work and just did the polite nod thing.
I didnt notice that he actually WONT talk to me until a couple of months ago. Maor was BBQing and started talking to him and when I came out with Lea he suddenly had to leave. Anytime they are talking if I pop up he bolts. I even noticed this summer that if Im outside he wont even look at me anymore.
At first I started thinking that maybe he doesnt know I speak English. Maor does have a super thick accent so maybe he just assumes that I just cant speak English.
I thought that right up until the 4th of July. We were shooting off fireworks in the driveway with my parents when he came out and started talking with my mom and once again acted like I didnt exist.

So last night Maor and I had some friends over for BBQ. I was sitting outside talking when I looked up at the kitchen window to yell something to Maor and realized the kitchen blinds are NEVER shut and they are on the side of the house that faces the neighbors.
I dont shut them because all the windows face south so we never get a lot of light in the house. When you wake up in the morning and the blinds are closed you almost cant tell if its day or night out it so dark.
When Lea popped out we still didnt shut them and I started walking around the kitchen half naked at all hours of the night. Im pretty sure that hes probably seen me naked. Which would make sense that he even stopped waving at me right after Lea was born.

For a second last night I thought maybe I should close the blinds just to be a little modest because Im sure as hell not going to all the trouble of putting a shirt on in the middle of the night when Lea starts crying for food.
Then I remembered tons of people have seen me naked and at least 8 people watched me push a human out of my vagina....fuck modesty... I left the blinds alone.


  1. How can any one chick be any cooler? I am standing and applauding.


  2. Better start a new Chip-In for weekend away.