Sunday, August 26, 2012

Im a witch!

Anyone ever read the Dresden files?

You know how the main character makes electronics go nuts and sometimes his car refuses to work?

Im convinced that I must be magic and my magical whatever is making my car hate me!

Every now and then my car just refuses to work. When you go to turn it on it sounds like its not getting enough gas and cuts off. It doesnt do it all the time. Sometimes I can go a week with no problems and other times it happens for days on end. It doesnt matter how full or empty my gas tank is. I tried putting in that engine cleaner. Nothing works. The worst thing is I took weeks before anyone believed I had this problem. It would act up, I would tell Maor my car didnt start, he would come out and try it and started.

So I got fed up on Friday and took my car over to a place close to where I work. They checked it over and called me up to let me know....they didnt see a problem.
Apparently it started just fine for them! They checked the computer and 3 things were going off that had nothing to do with the car starting....or anything else. 
Their only answer was to reset my computer and let me drive it around some more. They told me to bring it back in after its acted up at least twice. They will check the computer again and see whats going off the second time around then go from there.


  1. Thats odd, im going to be in Dresden in a couple of weeks. there is another tv series (before your time) called Bewitched. Its ok, witches are cool,

  2. Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Sounds like you have (at least for now) an honest mechanic. I HATE taking my car to the shop. Those guys can bend you over whenever they need money. Grrrr.