Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good week

This week was a very good week.
My boss made the mistake of challenging me and another coworker to collect bad debts from customers. For 20 people we collected on that are 60-90 days overdue he would give us a $50 gift card to anywhere we wanted...except Victoria Secret, because that probably wouldnt go over well with accounting or HR. The catch was we had to get the 20 people in a week.

He must have missed the shit eating grin on my face because he smugly added that for every bad debt we got that was 90+ overdue he would add $5 and that he will do for the rest of the month.

I had my 20 in two days. I stopped trying after 4 days because it gets boring calling bad debts and to be honest, my boss currently owes me more in gift cards than I believe the company is going to allow him to comp. 
My coworker also got her 20 but it took her till the last day.

This weekend my mom, little sister, and little brother came to visit. They were only here Fri and Saturday. I didnt get to hang out with them much Friday because I was working but Saturday we went to the opening day of the Renn Fair. 
It was a lot of fun. The jousting and shows arent that great at this Renn Fair compared to others but I love the demos the vendors do. Lea enjoyed herself so much that she slept through most of the day. She just couldnt contain her excitement.
Im actually pretty surprised she wasnt awake more. She doesnt sleep much during the day anymore. Shes getting so big.

...I havent posted a picture of her in a while...I should fix that

Also, thanks to everyone who has taken part in donating to my "Treating myself" fund.
I still dont know what to do. I think Im going to keep going with it until people just stop showing an interest and go on a shopping spree. I did buy myself a HUGE lemon blueberry cupcake. It was awesome! I wanted to take a picture of myself eating it but I was at the office...and they dont need to think Im any crazier.
I might have to get another one this week.


  1. Love it all. I like that y'all have a nice area in which to raise a child. She is getting big. Do not blink - she will be off to college before you know it. When I first saw you on CW I don't think I was even married. Now I have a 13 y/o boy and a 9 y/o moves fast, take lots of photos!


  2. How is the coffee fund doing? Need a boost?