Friday, March 2, 2012

Anger and pain

Somewhere around October I had decided that between me and Maor, one of us has to get a normal 9 to 5 job or this baby thing is not going to work. I will be the one getting the 9 to 5 because Maor makes a lot more money for the most part. I put off putting my resume out there again because my job has a lot of openings lately and I didnt want them to find me and figure out that Im not planning on coming back after my maternity leave.
Sunday I put up my resume.
Monday I had a conversation with my boss (actually it was a screaming match where she crossed the line and used me as a verbal punching bag and I didnt stand for it) which made me very happy that Im one step ahead of them. Basically our area hasnt been doing well lately. I didnt make my month last month but I sure as hell wasnt the worst. My boss apparently thought it would be really motivating to insult me, threaten to write me up, then take it all back while still being a huge bitch. Now I am damn determined not to come back. It could be my hormones but Im still down right pissed off 5 days later.

So I've been applying to a lot of places and trying to think of realistic at home money making ideas to maybe keep myself out of an office and save us a shit ton of money on daycare. The at home ideas I've been throwing around are making Maor super excited....but thats because hes taking everything Im thinking of and blowing it up into something huge and technical that we need to invest in and open a store for.

Now that Im mentally checked out from work Im totally hoping the baby is early. I've been having a lot of fake contractions lately which isnt horribly painful but its not exactly comfortable. Every time one hits Im hoping we are getting the show on the road! I really shouldnt be thinking that way for at least another 2 weeks but honestly... you can only kick a person so much before they want to evict your ass.

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