Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All prepared... almost

This month was incredibly busy.
I hit the third trimester... I dont actually know what that means besides a fancy term for "last leg" but my energy has been zapped. On my days off I nap off and on and constantly snack. At work I try to get as much done as I can before I hit about hour 5 and find it super hard to focus or even move around. I still have so much to do at work that I really dont get the time to eat or take short breaks like I should so I tend to just go home and crash.

Our baby shower was at the beginning of the month. It was a lot of fun. I got to see friends I havent seen in months even if they could only stop by to say hi. We got a TON of baby cloths and bath stuff. We wont have to buy cloths for a good 3 months.

After we got home we went back to life as usual. We also kicked the baby stuff into high gear and got everything else we are going to need and set up the baby room. We are now almost totally prepared. Cloths are washed, things are set up, we've figured out the car seat and stroller, and we are done with the horror classes.

Now we just need to find a daycare, a pediatrician, get some last little things, and stop having anxiety attacks.
Luckily we freak out in shifts. One day I flip out and the next Maor insists that hes not freaking out.

Maor and I have started dealing with the freak outs by ignoring them and playing the new Final Fantasy game. Its freaking awesome! The only bad thing is that we are both sucked into it so we cant play without each other or someone might miss part of the story. I hope we get through it before the baby is born or it might be tossed to the side for a while. I dont think we are even 50% through it though.

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